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Inspired by, and Unfaithful to, the books by Lewis Carroll

Tuacahn Center for the Arts – OPENING May 28, 2022

Based on an original script by Gregory Boyd & Jack Murphy
Lyrics by Jack Murphy
Music by Frank Wildhorn
Revised Script by Jennifer Paulson-Lee and Gabriel Barre

Billed as a modern-day retelling of a classic story, Wonderland follows a woman, Alice, living in current-day New York City, juggling a failing marriage, motherhood, and intense work environment to the point of challenging her own sense of identity. In a dream, she aligns herself with the famed Alice of Alice in Wonderland, hilariously skewing reality, meanwhile working through obstacles of unexpected characters: a Cheshire Cat with a Latin flair, a delightfully dotty Queen of Hearts, and of course, a malicious Mad Hatter. Alice finds a new sense of balance and strength within herself, as she realizes the power of true love.



The story and life of billionaire aviator and film producer Howard Hughes.
Director/Choreographer: Jennifer Paulson-Lee
Musical Director: Jeff Saver
Musical Supervisor: Scott Cady