Magic To Do

Director: Gabriel Barre
Choreographer: Jennifer Paulson-Lee
Musical Director and Arranger: Mark Hartman
Magic Designer: Jim Steinmeyer
Set Deign: Jeremy Railton
Lighting Design: Ken Billington
Costume Design: Dominique Lemieux

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“(Magic to Do) elevates the line’s entertainment to a level it hasn’t achieved in some time, appropriate given one of the featured numbers is ‘Defying Gravity,’ set to wonderful vocals and a double levitation illusion.”
– Travel Pulse

“What a great Broadway show! Magic to Do exceeded all expectations – amazing! The visual interpretations of so many familiar songs coupled with magic…wow! Princess has really delivered something unique at sea and has raised the bar for entertainment.”
– Eric Maryanov
President, All-Travel Chairman, Signature Travel Network

“Composer Stephen Schwartz Adds ‘Magic’ to Princess Cruise Ships”
– Variety

“Princess ups entertainment ante with a Broadway alliance”
– Los Angeles Times

“…head and shoulders above anything you’ve experienced on a cruise ship before.”